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Music Psychotherapy fosters emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual growth and healing.


Music is Life is a private practice that offers individual psychotherapy to clients in our midtown offices and virtually. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Allison accepts most “out-of-network” insurance plans and guides in navigating individual insurances.

  • Developed by Dr. Diane Austin, vocal psychotherapy is an advanced model of music psychotherapy that can deepen the therapy process with a focus on our natural sounds, vocal improvisation, the breath, the mind/body connection, songs, and dialogue to promote interpersonal growth and change.

  • Through music, clients can access and express emotions that are difficult to process verbally, including feelings that may be related to early trauma. Different music interventions can help clients release a variety of feelings, often leading to an emotional catharsis. Music can be a great “holding environment” for the expression of emotions.

  • Music can awaken memories, stimulate cognition, and help clients feel empowered while coping with a loss of functioning. Often family members are surprised by their loved one’s ability to remember lyrics, hum along to tunes, tap out a rhythm on the drum, or move along to the music.

Red Drum

“Building a safe and supportive relationship with clients is extremely important, so that they feel comfortable and secure. I like to be a partner on their journey towards healing and self-discovery.”

– Allison Reynolds, LCSW-R, LCAT, MT-BC

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Allison Reynolds, LCSW-R, LCAT, MT-BC

Music Psychotherapist, AVPT (Austin Vocal Psychotherapist), Clinical Social Worker, Creative Arts Therapist

Allison Reynolds

“Music is Life. Music has been my life, ever since my childhood days of jumping on my bed and belting out a song from the radio at the top of my lungs. ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ ‘A Rock Star!’ I would proclaim. Throughout childhood and adolescence, music was important to my development. Whether channeling my emotions through a moving Chopin piece on the piano or feeling powerful improvising a blues on the tenor saxophone, music has played a huge part in helping me discover who I am.” – Allison Reynolds



  • LCSW-R (Licensed Social Worker-Registered)
  • LCAT (Licensed Creative Arts Therapist)
  • MT-BC (Music Therapist Board Certified)
  • AVPT Trainer (Austin Vocal Psychotherapist)


Adjunct Professor


  • Distance Training Groups for the U.S.-Based Distance Training Program in Austin Vocal Psychotherapy is a two-year advanced training course available to post-master music therapists. A certificate in Austin Vocal Psychotherapy will be awarded upon completion of the training. The course consists of two 5-day experiential intensive workshops each year in New York City, plus monthly online seminars and supervision.

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  • Master of Arts in Music Therapy (New York University)
  • Master of Social Work (Hunter College)
  • Bachelor of Music Therapy (University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire/London Metropolitan University)



  • Monti, Elisa & Durham, Megan & Reynolds, Allison. (2024). Focusing the Scope: The Voice Practitioner’s Role in Trauma-Informed Care. Journal of Singing. 80. 455-462. 10.53830/sing.00029
  • Reynolds, Allison. (2023). Finding Hope: Using Vocal Psychotherapy to Companion a Client with Early-Stage Alzheimer’s. Music Therapy Today World Federation of Music Therapy online journal. 18 (1), 289-290

Board Member | Voice and Trauma

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